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The Yards
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Genre:Drama, Action
Run Time: 111 minutes
Year of Release:2000
Consumer Advice:Medium Level Violence; Medium Level Coarse Language; Adult Themes
Distributor:Roadshow Entertainment Pty Ltd
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After taking the rap for friends and serving time in prison, all Leo Handler wants now is to get his life back on track. So he returns to the one place he thinks will be safe: home. Here he takes a job with his uncle, Frank Olchin, a well connected and highly influential businessman responsible for the yards of the New York subway. But in the yards, safe is not how they do business and Leo soon finds himself trapped in a world of high-stakes pay-offs, sabotage and murder. When he uncovers secrets best left unearthed, he becomes the target of the most ruthless family in the city - his own.

Mark Wahlberg (Three Kings), Joaquin Phoenix (Gladiator), Charlize Theron (Men Of Honour) and James Caan (Way of the Gun) star in the intense and calculating thriller, The Yards.
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