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The Philadelphia Experiment
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Genre:Sci-Fi, Recent Releases
Run Time: 89 minutes
Year of Release:2013
Consumer Advice:Some Graphic Language and Thematic Material
Distributor:Starz Media
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In 1943, a secret government project attempted to create a cloaking device that would make warships invisible. During the first test, the USS Eldridge vanished completely, never to be found again. Seventy years later, the Navy destroyer momentarily reappears on a Pennsylvania runway allowing the sole surviving crewman to escape and a local lawman to board. What is behind a sinister reactivation of the project? Where will the massive ship materialize next? And what will become of two men trapped in a time/space catastrophe that threatens to destroy the world? Starring: Malcolm McDowell, Emilie Ullerup, Nicholas Lea, and Gina Holden.
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